Beneficial Botox Treatments

Botox treatments provide a variety of treatments that help you with more than just looking younger. One of the most popular uses of Botox is to treat the look of aging. Anybody from celebrities to a mom next door uses Botox to treat wrinkles and signs of aging.

Botox Treatments for Wrinkles

Botox gives a resounding yes when it comes to the prevention of wrinkles. Botox treatments for wrinkles can temporarily eliminate and reduce horizontal forehead lines, vertical frown lines and even crow’s feet.

These treatments slow down the contractions of your muscles so they stop etching lines into your skin. Botox can help treat you if you notice the corners of your mouth are starting to sag, you get a pincushion look to your chin or vertical neck cords.

One of the best things clients like to know is that Botox will not affect your nerves or make your face look frozen. If you come in looking for a firmer eyebrow, you will not get a permanent arch. Our experienced doctors know how to use Botox properly so your eyebrows will have an appealing and sincere look. They won’t make you look like you have a fake face. They’ll judge the size of your muscles before giving you the correct amount of Botox.Beneficial Botox Treatments

Because Botox is an injection, patients might feel a small pinch at the injection sight especially if it is in the eyebrow. To make patients more comfortable, our doctors will use a topical anesthetic or ice to numb the area of the injection.

With any drug comes the possibility of side effects. Fortunately for patients, the side effects for Botox are usually minor and short lived. Patients may experience a droop in the eye that should disappear in about two weeks. Some of our patients may show slight signs of bruising but that will also fade quickly.

The results of the treatment should begin to show in a couple of days and progress over the coming weeks. Because you will need time to recover, if you are getting Botox for a big event, you should schedule the appointment 2-3 weeks in advance.

Botox for Migraines

If you are experiencing hours in your day where you are having migraines and it happens more than once a week, you might have chronic migraines.

Botox for migraines is the first and only treatment that has been approved by the FDA as a preventative treatment for migraines in adults. If you experience less than 14 migraines a month, Botox is not suggested for use.

The FDA has approved a specific dose and injection pattern for the Botox treatment that includes 31 injections in over 7 key areas of the head and neck. This happens once every 12 days to prevent those bad headache days.

During your first treatment, you should expect to get 7 injections in key areas of your head and neck. There are a total of 31 injections with very fine needles. The injections feel like a small pinprick and you should only experience mild discomfort.

The most common side effect was increased neck pain by 9% but other side effects include:

* Headache

* Migraine

* Slight or partial facial paralysis

* Eyelid drooping

* Bronchitis

* Musculoskeletal stiffness

* Muscle weakness

* Pain in 1 or more muscles, ligaments, tendons, or bones

* Muscle spasms

* Injection-site pain

* High blood pressure

Botox for Sweating

If you are 18 years or older and have severe underarm sweating, you can use Botox for sweating to control it when topical medicines do not work.

Underarm sweating is known to be fixed but other areas are not known to specialists.

Botox for Bladder Problem

When people have Overactive Bladder, they tend to just deal with symptoms when other treatments don’t work the way their supposed to or have harsh side effects.

With Botox for bladder problem, there is another solution to your problems.  This approach is approved to treat OAB symptoms such as the strong need to urinate with leakage, urgency and frequency in adults when other medications do not work or can’t be taken.

Botox for your OAB is a different approach that you should try today to solve all of your problems. The Botox injection targets the bladder muscle itself to make sure it works properly.

The way Botox works is by working on the nerves and bladder muscles and blocking signals and triggers that cause OAB. In your body, certain chemicals travel from nerves cells to your muscle cells that tell you when you need to use the bathroom. When you have OAB, these muscles contract uncontrollably and you feel the need to urinate more frequently than normal even though you might not have to.

By using Botox to call these nerves and muscles in your bladder you prevent a lot of daily problems. You will reduce daily leakage episodes. You will also treat the strong need to urinate right away. Using Botox will also reduce the number of times you have to empty your bladder a day.

Botox can help solve a lot of issued within the human body. You can make yourself look youthful with tight, natural looking skin. You can also treat your chronic migraines and excessive sweating. If you have Overactive Bladder, you can also stop those emergencies from happening on the go and in public throughout your day.


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