Botox Medical Treatments Fayetteville and Overactive Bladders

Many people have not heard of botox medical treatments as a solution for problem areas, such as hair, skin, migraines, sweating, and bladder problems; the common perception is that botox is only for facial rejuvenation and the intent to look younger. At our office, we know that this is not the case. Finesse Women’s Health provides Fayetteville botox injections specifically for resolving medical problems. One issue that many of our patients face is overactive bladders and incontinence. Dr. Hazem Qalla is a highly trained botox specialist who has years of experience performing these injections. Our office and staff strives to provide a positive patient experience with results that make our clients lives less stressful.

What Causes Overactive Bladder Symptoms?

Botox Medical Treatments FayettevilleIf your bladder is contracting too often and too strongly, it will give you the sensation of having to urinate more often than you need to. The symptoms are similar to a urinary tract infection. Incontinence is the next level and problem on the spectrum of overactive bladders; incontinence causes involuntary loss of your bladder and this problem can be physiological or psychological. Regardless of the cause, medical treatments and interventions are typically required to lessen the symptoms. Overactive bladders can worsen to become full-on incontinence if left untreated. There are varying degrees of severity, ranging from a few drops to full bladder leakage. Severe incontinence is frequent with older women, especially around menopause. While you may not currently suffer from it, there is always the possibility that one day you will have to treat it – whether it is mild, moderate or severe.

Overactive bladders and bladder leakage have some terrible side effects that can severely hinder your normal work day. It is a large enough condition to be considered debilitating, yet small enough to be not taken seriously. Many patients who suffered from overactive bladders for years had a difficult time trying to find solutions for this unique condition. Others find it too embarrassing to even share with their doctor. Our office makes sure our patients feel comfortable throughout the entire process from treatment to relief.

A Solution for Overactive Bladders

Botox for bladder problem Fayetteville works by calming the muscles and nerves around your bladder that tell your body that you need to urinate so frequently and cause unexpected contractions. The New England Journal of Medicine has found that botox actually works slightly better than prescription pills to treat adult incontinence. Within 1 year of the treatments, your typical symptoms will lessen or subside. Botox has proven to be a safe option with longevity that other treatments do not offer, especially when using synthetic fillers which last much longer. Natural fillers can give first time patients peace of mind while testing out the botox procedure, but synthetic fillers make sure that treatments are further apart.

About Finesse Women’s Health’s Expert

Dr. Hazem QallaDr. Hazem Qalla has over 12 years of experience in this field, and has been trusted by many clients suffering from overactive bladders and incontinence throughout the years. This experience also speaks of his personal investment in the medical industry, on top of graduating from the Ross University School of Medicine specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Qualla is also affiliated with Oneida Healthcare Hospital. His expertise and work ethic has changed the lives of many patients that he has encountered; Finesse Women’s Health is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to cure your overactive bladder.

Consistent Treatments Leads to Better Results

While quick relief is a great breakthrough for long time sufferers, we want to ensure that our patients experience high quality of life for the rest of their lives. Every patient that steps into our office is different, but the most important piece of advice we give is to consistently return for treatments in order to keep the results consistent. Once you experience a normal day without an overactive bladder or bladder leakage, you will certainly not be willing to return to square one. Fayetteville  Botox injections have been the saving grace for women suffering from incontinence everywhere, and have shown that they are more than just a cosmetic cure.



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