An In Depth Look at Botox as One of the Viable Skin Treatments Available

Botox is generally given as an injection and it works to provide temporary relaxation to the muscles of the face in order to reduce the look of fine wrinkles and lines while also working to keep new lines from appearing.  Some of the more common sites for these injections are on either side of the chin, at the corner of the eyes and between the eyebrows.  That being said, there are many other uses for this drug that include but are not limited to things like treatment of depression, psoriasis, excessive sweating, migraines, bladder issues, heart issues (after surgery) and more.

Beneficial Botox TreatmentsBotox is used for facial aesthetics more than anything else though.  Here are some of the things that it treats:

·       Lines in the face that have been caused by repetitive movement of the muscles – i.e., smiling a lot causes vertical lines in your cheeks that can be helped with Botox injections

·       Botox can also assist with keeping new wrinkles and lines from forming

·       Facial asymmetry or even some of the other facial conditions that can result from various muscle action(s).  This is actually known as facial shaping.

·       Wrinkles that are found in the forehead, crow’s feet, visible cords or neck bands – turkey neck

The results that you will get from these types of facial treatments will typically last anywhere from 4 months to 6 months.

Look and Feel Younger

It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity, business woman or a stay at home mom, everyone feels that they need to look fresh and youthful.  This is one of the reasons that Botox is actually one of the most widely used wrinkle treatments performed in the United States.

So, does Botox actually prevent wrinkles from forming?  Yes, it does.  Not only does this drug temporarily reduce and eliminate crow’s feet, vertical frown lines and horizontal forehead lines, it also stops new ones from forming.  This is possible because it slows down the contraction of the muscles that cause these lines.

If you are beginning to notice that the corners of your mouth are beginning to sag or that your chin is beginning to resemble a pin cushion, your neck cords are more prominent or that you are getting crow’s feet, Botox can be the solution for all of these things and more.

Don’t Worry About It

One of the best things about using Botox for your skin treatments is that it won’t have any effect on your nerves or give you the “frozen face” look.  For example, if you would like for your eyebrows to be firmer, Botox will not make it seem as if your eyebrows are permanently ached.  Instead, your eyebrows will have a look that is sincere and appealing.

What should be avoided is looking like a person who has been outfitted with a false forehead.  For this reason, it is important that you use a board certified, experienced doctor who can keep you from looking like that.  Here at Finesse Women’s Health, Dr. Hazam Qalla will be able to look at how your muscles are sized and then determine the exact amount of the Botox that needs to be in your injection(s).

How it Feels

You have had injections before.  Sometimes they pinch a bit while at other times, you barely feel them.  These are not really any different.  Between the eyebrows can be a rather tender spot though.  Don’t let this keep you from it though.  You can use either a topical anesthetic or rub ice on the area before the procedure to numb it so that you won’t feel it as much.

Side Effects

You can’t turn on a TV or open a magazine anymore without seeing things about drugs and their side effects.  This is because all drugs have them.  However, the ones that are associated with Botox injections are generally ones that are minor and they don’t last very long.

Some people experience a bit of eye droop but after around 2 weeks, this should normalize.  Also, some people are very sensitive to needles and get a bruise anytime they have an injection.  Like all bruises, these fade soon.

It is important to consider that you will not begin to see results from your injections immediately.  You might see them beginning within a couple of days but full results will not be seen until a couple of weeks have passed.  This is important to take into consideration if the procedure is one that you will be having done for a special event.  You will need to remember to give yourself enough time for recovery to be complete and for results to be amazing.

Difference Between Dermal Fillers and Botox

If you happen to be considering having some sort of wrinkle treatments done so that you will look and feel younger then it is important that you carefully weigh and consider all of your options.  For example, many people prefer having Botox injections as opposed to getting a full face lift.  On the other hand, people might choose to have a facial filler as opposed to Botox.  But wait, isn’t that what Botox is?  No.  Although facial fillers and Botox are both cost effective and less invasive alternatives to a face lift, they are different creatures.  Here is a quick look at how Botox and facial fillers differ.

Botox is something that is injected into your skin that will effectively paralyze the muscles.  Facial fillers (think Radiesse, Belotero Balance and Juvederm) fill in the lines and wrinkles.  Botox is used to treat wrinkles that are dynamic – or occur when the muscles are moved.  Facial fillers are used more for those deeper lines and wrinkles that are readily apparent even when your face is at rest.

In short, you don’t need to live with wrinkles that are making you unhappy.  There are treatment options available.  Call now to schedule an appointment and you can discuss all of the viable options for treatment that are available to you.

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