Facial Treatments OneidaOne of the greatest fears we tend to have is that of growing older, though it is not necessarily the idea of age that scares us. If you dig deep down, the idea that probably frightens you the most is losing your young, radiant appearance. While we have not quite advanced far enough to freeze people at the age of twenty-one, we have come far enough to keep you looking that age, or at least younger than you currently are. Facial treatments Oneida are growing in popularity with good reason, and before we get into some of the facial treatment options, let’s discuss some of the most common causes for aging and how it will affect you.

Exposure to UV Rays

As we progress through life we will eventually be exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun, and that radiation will cause us to lose elastin in the skin, forcing it to sag, and eventually taking on the attributes that we so commonly associate with old age. We can mitigate this, of course, by wearing sunscreen and being very careful in how we expose our skin to the outside world, but at some point it will catch up for you, and Facial treatments Oneida will certainly be in order.

Loss of Collagen

Over time we lose collagen in our skin, and one of the greatest misconceptions is that you can use collagen cream to re-introduce it into your body. Actually, though this cream does exist, collagen is in fact too large to be absorbed through the pores of the skin, making it necessary to receive facial treatments instead.

Getting the Help you Need

If your face is in trouble, you need to seek help immediately. Facial treatments can come in many different forms, starting with wrinkle prevention. After all, prevention is the best medicine, and will save you a lot of trouble later on.

Treatments like Botox can certainly prevent wrinkles, but it can also serve to remove wrinkles that are already present. This includes the elimination of horizontal forehead lines, vertical frown lines, and a number of other aesthetic ailments that you might experience.

When do you need Facial Treatments?

So how do you determine when it is time to seek out facial treatments? There are actually a number of signs that you should pay attention to including:

  • Mouth Sagging
  • Pincushion Look in Chin
  • Vertical Neck Cords
  • General Sagging

One of the greatest concerns people tend to have when they seek out a Botox treatment is the way it will make their face appear after being injected. Don’t worry, it won’t affect your nerves, nor will it make your face look frozen – these are simply myths.

We have the experience and the technology to help you not only regain your looks, but also your self-confidence. Don’t put it off, give us a call today!