Three Myths About Botox Injections Debunked

Most of us have heard about Botox. In fact, it’s a huge joke in some comedy movies, and many Hollywood celebrities are famous for it. Because of these caricatures of the actual procedure, and horror stories from other countries of injections gone wrong, we’re a little worried. There are so many statements out there that can scare us, and make us wonder. Is Botox really safe? Here in Oneida, we give out proper Botox medical treatments, as well as cosmetic treatments. We help people with wrinkles, migraines, chronic pain, and even bladder problems, all with the help of Botox. That’s why we believe it’s so important to debunk the three most common myths about Botox injections.

Botox is Toxic to the Body

Botox InjectionsMany people believe that a proper Botox injection is poisonous, and that getting too much Botox can kill you. While that is a myth, it did grow from a fact. Botox is the child of the botulinum toxin, a neurotoxic protein commonly found in bacteria with incredibly complicated names. These bacteria are found in soil, dust, in carpets, floors, and even on countertops. However, don’t panic yet. Most of our run-ins with this bacteria end with your immune system. The bacteria generally can’t spread the neurotoxin in high enough quantity to get you sick. This toxin is gathered and cured to become the medical brand Botox. While it does come from a neurotoxin that can indeed kill you, actual Botox injections are highly regulated, and are not in doses high enough to cause serious damage. All they can do is relax the muscles and help you in your health, not kill you or get you sick. Botulinum is toxic to the body, and a poison. Botox is not.

You’ll Become Addicted to Botox

There’s nothing scientific about addiction to Botox. There’s nothing that the Botox does to your body that causes you to become addicted. You might fall in love with the way you look, and become addicted to that, but there is no risk of a physical addiction to the Botox itself. Botox doesn’t release any chemicals into the brain that would cause a physical and chemical addiction, and you can stop your Botox injections at any time. You won’t feel any adverse side effects from ending your injection schedules, and you won’t become like a stereotypical junkie ready to steal just for your next hit. It’s not that kind of chemical. In fact, Botox doesn’t even reach that deep. A Botox injection has a very localized effect, only really affecting about a centimeter radius of where it has touched. It can’t reach deep enough into your bloodstream to actually reach your brain, so you can’t actually get addicted from it. Even if it did contain an addicting chemical, it wouldn’t be able to get into your brain enough to cause the proper addicting reaction.

Botox is Permanent, and You’ll Look Like a Caricature for Life

Botox can cause some unfortunate appearances when improperly applied, but there is little cause for concern with that. If you find a good doctor, and one that you can trust, you’ll only ever get manageable injections that cause the results you want, rather than too much Botox in one area. You shouldn’t end up looking like a caricature at any point, as it’s a sign of too much Botox, which can cause your looks to diminish at a faster rate. However, even if you do accidentally go to the wrong doctor, or risk a backyard doctor without a license, you won’t look that way forever.

The proper Botox injections only last for three months, and will not cause permanent disfiguration. If you are taking a chance on someone that might not be giving you the certified Botox, then the results may be permanent. However, if you go through a specific and well-vetted clinic like our clinic in Oneida, you will only ever receive the proper Botox. Having too much Botox in your body can cause a more “caricature” look, if done improperly by a doctor. However, it should never be permanent, even if it does get that bad. Always choose the doctor you trust, and choose a smaller dose more often rather than the large dose now. The doctor should know best, and you should trust their decision.



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