Skin Treatments to Fight Back Age

Are you feeling the effects of aging on your body? If so, then there is a good chance that you’re looking for ways to stop the process, and why not? We spend very little time on this Earth as it is, so why not spend that time actually looking good? The idea of preserving youth is not a new one; for centuries humanity sought out the fountain of youth, a supposed spring of water that would make the average human live forever. Did we ever find the fountain of youth? Well, that part is actually lost to history, but the amount of time that went into searching for it tells you just how important anti-aging is to us as a species. Though the search for the fountain has long been called off, methods of anti-aging have been developed over the years, and while they are only aesthetic, they can help you in ways that you never thought of. There are, however, certain skin treatments that you will want to avoid.


Over the Counter Wrinkle Treatments

There are many supposed facial treatments for sale on the market today, though not all of them work. What you must understand is that a fair amount of companies put more money into advertising than actual ingredients for their products, which leaves them with a product that works for very few people, if it even works at all. There are is also the issue of false advertising which happens far more than it should. There are some companies that offer ‘collagen cream’ with an apparent misunderstanding of how collagen works. You see, collagen particles are too large to pass through the pores of the skin and will simply sit on the surface, meaning they are almost completely worthless to you.

There are a few skin treatments on the market that do the trick, at least to an extent, but none last very long. As a matter of fact, most of these treatments will simply mask the aging problem rather than fixing it, which is not an acceptable long term solution. In the end, it would be far cheaper to go with the surgical method.


Why We Age

Aging is a natural process but there are various explanations for it. For example, we have what are known as smile and frown lines – natural indents in the skin. In addition to that, you can expect to receive skin damage simply by standing outside as the sun’s natural rays will break down the collagen and elastin in the skin. Thanks to modern technology we can defeat these signs of aging and give ourselves a chance to renew, even if only for a little while. The effects of most wrinkle treatments are not permanent, but they are safe and they can be repeated at will if your physician agrees.


Taking your Facial Treatments to the Next Level

Facial TreatmentsIf you want to take your treatments beyond the shelf, then you’ll have to seek out professional help. There are many medical treatments that go far beyond and offer you even non-surgical and non-invasive methods of dissolving those wrinkles. Let’s take a look at a few of your options when it comes to facial treatments:

Dermal Fillers: This type of treatment will be injected into an area of your skin and will perform two very specific tasks. First of all it adds volume to the skin where much of it was already lost, and second, it tightens loose skin to help reduce the sign of wrinkles. Keep in mind however that this treatment is not the same as Botox, which is designed to stop the underlying muscles from contracting. Both treatments can be used however, at the discretion of your physician.

Botox Injections: Another way of improving facial aesthetics is to use Botox injections. These can temporarily eliminate wrinkles, both horizontal and vertical. As we mentioned  before, unlike dermal fillers, these actually slow down muscle contractions – the very reason that lines are etched into your skin with every single movement. Botox will also help to reduce the sagging in the corners of your mouth, and even fix the vertical neck cords that you have been suffering from.

Botox will not affect your nerves and most importantly will not make your face look frozen. One of the biggest questions people ask about Botox will give your eyebrows a permanent arch if you already have a firm eyebrow. The answer is no, and the reason, is that with us you will have someone who knows how to apply the treatment properly  — a true commodity in the world of Botox and facial enhancements.

The final question, and probably the most important question that people ask, is ‘does it hurt?’. This is a non-invasive surgery so you won’t be going under the knife, but it has been known to pinch when performed between the eyebrows. As a professional practice we guarantee to use a topical anesthetic that will numb the area and make the process as quick as possible.

Getting the aesthetic you truly want does not have to be difficult. Now would be a good time to give us a call and schedule the treatment that could change your life.


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