Syracuse Botox Medical Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis

Syracuse botox treatmentsMultiple Sclerosis is a debilitating, autoimmune condition that damages the nerve cells in your brain and spinal cord. It is the most common autoimmune condition to affect your central nervous system, affecting over 400,000 people in the United States alone. Your central nervous system ceases to function properly, which can lead to symptoms such as blindness and trouble coordinating movement. A common symptom is unexpected and untimely spasms or movements. While there are no known cures for Multiple Sclerosis, there are medical treatments such as Syracuse botox treatments that can lessen the muscle related spasms and bring some relief to patients.

Consequences of Multiple Sclerosis

Since Multiple Sclerosis affects your central nervous system, the electrical signals that indicate movement become misaligned. Occasionally, the multiple sclerosis disease can cause muscle stiffness followed by uncontrollable spasms, usually in the arm region. Acetylcholine is the chemical that carries those electrical signals to your body and limbs – whether your nervous system meant to send the signals or not. This loss of control is frightening, and attacks can cause eventual neurological damage. Ultimately, the greatest consequence of Multiple Sclerosis is losing the ability to keep your body at a normal state, which affects many people’s work and personal lives.

How Botox Can Treat Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Botulinum Toxin is commonly known as botox. Many people associate botox with anti-aging and facial freezing, but the nature of the chemical actually does the same before stiff or spasming muscles. Syracuse botox injections works to block that acetylcholine chemical carrying the electrical signals, which prevents random spasms from occurring so often or at all. Specific problem muscles are isolated to begin the botox injections. Many injections into the muscle area with a thin needle will be enough to stop the acetylcholine and relax the muscle. The treatment will begin to work in as little as 1 to 2 weeks. Using these injections are more effective with smaller muscle areas, opposed to doing your entire calf or leg area. Your doctor will monitor the progress and side effects of the injections, as well as provide follow up treatments to continue successful results. In cases where patient’s bodies start creating antibodies against the botox’s efficacy, treatments are spread out.

Choosing Between Natural and Synthetic Fillers

There are two types of botox fillers that are used for various medical conditions: natural and synthetic. The advantage of choosing a natural filler is that the chance of having an unfavorable reaction is much lower. The filler is derived from natural materials and may give you more peace of mind if you have never received botox before. However, due to its natural material origin, it deteriorates much more quickly than a synthetic filler – this may present an inconvenience to you.

Syracuse botox injectionsThe second option is to choose a semi-permanent synthetic filler. The advantage of synthetic fillers is that the time between sessions will be much longer. However, if you do not go to an experienced doctor, you may possibly experience the botox shifting to different areas, which causes the appearance of lumps and will ultimately not freeze the muscle effectively. Since the purpose of botox for Multiple Sclerosis is medical, not cosmetic, the potential aesthetic effects should not necessarily outweigh the possibility of relief.

Our primary doctor, Dr. Hazem Qalla, studied at the Ross University School of Medicine and is now a board certified OB/GYN. He has over 12 years of experience, and trains his staff of other Board Certified OB/GYNs to provide the most effective treatments possible for patients. Dr. Qalla’s personal dedication to the cosmetic and medical use of botox has helped many of our patients live happier lives.

Quality of Life is Key

Multiple Sclerosis may be an unpreventable, unexpected disease, but the treatments to lessen unexpected spasms make the episodes fewer and more controllable. Our goal is to provide our patients with the highest quality of life possible using proven medical treatments. Botox has been a very viable way of decreasing spasm while producing minimal side effects.

When it comes to Multiple Sclerosis, any relief is better than none, and we support each patient’s journey to regain control of the disease.


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